Travel Vaccines in Liverpool

Travel Vaccines in Liverpool

Travel the world safely with our expert travel health clinic. Make sure that you have the required/recommended vaccinations for your travel destination. We offer a wide range of vaccinations at our clinic. Book your appointment online.

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Which Vaccines Do You Need?

The vaccinations that you might need for your travel depends a number of factors. This includes your previous vaccination history, the destination you are travelling to and the type of activities you might be participating in. You can check on the Government website to find out which vaccinations are recommended for your travel destination, click here.

Our travel health pharmacist will go through the vaccinations that are recommended for your travel destinations before offering to administer them at the same appointment.

When Do You Need To Book A Travel Vaccination Appointment?

It is recommended that you book your travel vaccination appointment well in advance 8 to 12 weeks prior to your travel. This is important as some vaccinations require multiple doses a few weeks apart. Also, vaccination need some time to provide maximum protection.

Avoid the last minute rush, book your appointment today.

What Should You Bring To Your Travel Vaccination Appointment?

When you arrive for your travel vaccination appointment, one of our travel health pharmacist will have a short consultation with you to determine which vaccination you might need. It is important that you bring your vaccination history record with you to your appointment, where possible.

Some vaccinations need to be repeated after certain time interval so your past vaccination history will help the pharmacist to determine which vaccination are required for your trip.

How To Book Travel Vaccines in Liverpool?

Now you can book your travel clinic appointment online. Simply choose a date and time that suits you. Attend your appointment at the booked time and get your travel vaccinations before your next trip. We also offer antimalarials and other travel health accessories. Ask in-store during your appointment.

Book Your travel vaccine in Liverpool

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